Day 1: I made it!!! hollerrrrrrr

familia!!! I made it to Brasil! the keyboard is wacky so sorry about the incorrect punctuation haha. it is too hard to captialize. anyways, i am at the brasil ctm!!!! it is dope. and i got my nametag! i love it so much. steph was right, it makes my outfits extra cute. my mtc companion is sister wright, the girl we met in the airport who is going to the same mission as me! so we are excited. she is super sweet. also we met up with several other missionaries on the way to atlanta and even more from atlanta to sao paulo! they are all super cool and we had a lot of fun on the way here. we laughed a lot about not understanding people. on the plane the kid next to me was wearing a jesus ring and i tried to tell him that i liked his ring in portuguese and totally butchered it cause he just looked away hahahah. and then all the other missionaries laughed at me. seeeeyaaaaa

so sister wright and i are rooming with two other girls who are brazilian!! we haven’t met them yet but im excited to meet them and hopefully practice my portuguese with them. remember how i said i hated portuguese? i know that the lord is looking out for me because i am actually so excited to get started learning and studying more portuguese. we will see how long that lasts haha but im grateful for it now.

I didnt get like any sleep on the plane lol surprise surprise so im pretty exhausted but they let us shower which was super nice. but, depsite my exhaustion, i am so incredibly happy and excited to be here and start learning and growing and coming closer to the lord. i already feel closer to him as i am trying to be humble and teachable and ready to learn.

anyways, i love you guys!!! forward this to the rest of the family and whoever wants to hear.

ps my p day is wednesday! so i will hear from you next wednesday!!! love you!!D01_CTMTransfer


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