Week 2!!!

friends and family! please forgive me now for my grammar, punctuation, and capitalization mistakes. i still havent had time to learn how this portuguese keyboard works haha, and i dont have time to try now. we joke about how the 45 minutes we get on pday for email is the greatest and worst 45 minutes of the week because it goes by so fast and it is so stressful and our hands hurt by the end cause we try to type so fast ahhaa. so forgive me. believe me, it bugs me also.

also, for those who asked about sending letters, my district number is 28B and the box is 39! i dont know what the address for the ctm is… ask my sister nancy or my mom. they know it all, and they are amazing 🙂

thank you all so much for your emails and support!! i love reading about all your lives, it makes me laugh and i love all of you.

so i forgot to tell you guys some things last week lol so ill start with that now. every pday we go to the sao paulo temple!! it is one of the greatest highlights of my week. it is so beautiful and peaceful and i feel heavenly fathers love so strongly when i am there. go to the temple as much as you can!! it is an incredible place to be.

the day after we arrived here at the ctm, we had to give a missionary lesson in portuguese to an investigator! fake investigator, but it was intense hahaha. we have had at least one lesson each day since, and the past week and a half we have had two. the work here is grueling, but it is amazing and i am truly seeing the effects of the work i am putting in and the effects of the love that the lord has for his missionaries.

the food! the food is great actually. the brasileiros say its not great compared to real brazilian food, which is extremely exciting because i straight up love the food here hahah. EXCEPT the other night we had the first horrible meal. the words we gave the food was “corn jello” “meat block” and “chunky baby throw up” hahhaha. we all went to bed hungry that night. but other than that i love the food here. it is mostly meat and bread so sister sixty here we come lolol. except not. (wait, bread makes you fat??? -for steph lol)

minha companeira sis wright is still amazing. she is super sweet and kind and she is a little shy but its adorable. she is also very very responsible which is perfect because i need that; sometimes i just want to have fun and joke around with the other districts here hahaha so we balance each other out and it works really well.

i still love my district. we play volleyball together every pday and it is so much fun and i still am very bad at volleyball so they make fun of me for it but its fine lol they are the best, and my brasilieira instructors are the best! we have two and they are both amazing and i look up to them so much.

District and twin district!

we went on splits this week with a brazilian! i was paired with an incredible brasileira; i came out of our lesson sobbing because of her testimony which i barely understood hahaha but it was amazing and the spirit was so strong. gift of tongues is real.

sickness! sis wright and i are both sick, but its all good. we are bonding over our coughing and constant nose-blowing, which everyone else is disgusted by haha.

OKAY last thing. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES. as many of you know, i was a horrible seminary student and never really read the book of mormon in depth lol UNTIL NOW and oh my goodness did i miss out my whole life. i want to share with you guys an insight i had about a certain scripture, 3 nephi 10:4-6, when jesus is speaking to the nephites and lamanites, “how oft will i gather you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, if ye will repent and return unto me with full purpose of heart.” i had heard this scripture before but when i read it this time, the words “how oft” really stuck out to me. “how oft will i..” it does not matter how many times we falter; “how oft”. not just once will he gather us under his wings, but every single time we repent and return unto him with a full purpose of heart, he will gather us as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings. he will gather each of us every. single. time. we come back to him with full purpose of heart. is this not such an incredible promise, if not the most incredible promise to ever be promised?

the more i continue to learn and study about the gospel here the more it is impressed upon me how absolutely and utterly important this all is. if all of this is true, which i know that it is, how could there ever be a greater and more important message of hope and promise and joy than this?

I love being a missionary with my entire heart, even when i dont love sitting in a classroom for 14 hours a day lol. but there truly is no other place on earth that i would rather be. being a missionary is the most important work we can do, and i dont just mean serving a full time mission. every member a missionary! “lovest thou me? (the lord, not me obvi) Feed my sheep.” this message is incredible, and it is true! let this message show in the way you live your life, and God will change your life and will change you, i know, because it is slowly, (somewhat painfully lol) happening to me!

just got informed that i have no time left, so im so so so sorry i literally got back to no one this week but truly keep sending me emails, they make my day and my week and they help me to feel your love.

i feel your prayers every day, thank you!! i truly love you all so much, i love the lord, and i love this work!

ps pictures will start coming in approximately 4 and a half weeks hahha SORRY


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