Week 3: Week 3!! Right?

I am losing track of time haha. The days all blur together, and the time is actually starting to go by really fast; I hit my half way mark at the CTM! Crazy.

This week is going to be short because we got jipped on time again haha. Tudo bem.

This week we went proselyting! We went to a street called Paulistino and each companionship had six Book of Mormons to give away. They literally just bussed us out there and then said, “Vai!” So we went and we tried to talk to people about the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and it was AMAZING but also hilarious hahaha. We couldn’t really tell if people were rejecting us or not, so we kind of just shoved the Book of Mormon into most people’s hands and before they could say anything we told them what it’s about and bore our testimony of it and then we would smile really big while they would talk really fast at us, and we had no idea what they were saying hahaha. But most people were super friendly and kind and patient with our broken Portuguese so it was actually really fun.

We are still teaching our investigators, who are actually our instructors, and for a while I was getting really frustrated with it because it was hard to imagine them as real investigators and therefore it was hard to have the spirit present because I felt like I was just reciting the lessons. But, Sis Wright and I started to pray that they would feel real to us and that we would think about future investigators that we would have and we really started to try to address their needs, and it has made all the difference. I cry in almost every single lesson now haha YAAaaa because the spirit is so strong! But it is such a testament to me of the power of prayer and that Heavenly Father will always answer our prayers.

This week I am working on the Christlike attribute hope! Specifically focusing on having confidence and assurance and hope that the enabling power of the Atonement can and will change me into who Heavenly Father needs me to be. Look up Moroni 7:41-48! It´s amazing. The scriptures are amazing! I find myself saying that everyday. Erryday lol

Have hope that Christ can change you, and you can change your life. Every day I am more and more amazed at the message of this gospel; it truly is the greatest message of hope and joy there ever has been.

I love you all!! Thank you for your prayers, I feel them every day.

Love, Sister Smith


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