Week 4: Everything is the same but everything is amazing (almost everything)

Friends and family!!

Thank you all again, for all your love and support. I love hearing about your lives and how you are all doing! I love and miss you all 🙂

This week was amazing! Better than last week haha. But every week here is amazing, even when it’s hard. Today we went to the Campinas temple!! Look it up, it is beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite temples I have ever been in.

Our investigator (fake lol) said she wanted to go on a mission after she was baptized! Even though i knew it wasnt real, because our investigator is actually our instructor, i still was overwhelmed with joy for her. she asked if it was hard and if we had to leave everything behind and i told her yes, we left behind our family and friends and music and movies and a lot of stuff that we love to do but and that there were some definite hard times on a mission, but i told her that going on a mission is the best decision ive ever made and that i am happier now than i ever have been before. and the spirit was so strong and i was crying and she was crying hahah but it was so cool. all i could think was how much joy i will feel if one of my real investigators says this to me. and it made me so incredibly excited to go out and meet the people that i know i am supposed to and hopefully be a sufficient instrument in the Lord’s hand in doing much good.

OUR BRAZILIAN ROOMMATES LEFT aka my best friends. it was so so sad. they left us cute little notes everywhere and every time i find one i cry hahaha (lots of crying at the ctm, in case you havent deduced yet; good news is 99% of it is tears of joy) but we made friends with our new roommates and they are going to the same mission as us! So super cool. But our district is almost the oldest ones here at the ctm… its weird. all of our old friends have left and we feel like we are the weird super seniors that hang around just a little too long hahaha. but its good. i honestly do love it here at the ctm so so much. it will be very very bitter sweet to leave in two weeks.

So yesterday our instructor gave us a lesson on how we need to embrace the brazilian culture and one of the ways that we can do that is to be more affectionate to others. she was like, “you guys have this little bubble and you dont like anyone to get in it” and everyone looked at me and was like yeah sister smith doesnt have a problem with that and i was just like tru dat lol. so thats one less thing i have to learn to do hahaha. but seriously the brazilians are my people. i love everything about them; they are so fun and kind and funny and spiritual and amazing. i am so excited to continue to meet more outside of the ctm.

Spiritual thought! Side note- Sorry if i am beginning to come off as a preachy missionary but honestly i love being a preachy missionary haha. i love this work more and more every day. So sorry not sorry lol

This week for my Christlike attribute i studied hope! and one of my favorite scripture passages that i found was in Hebrews 6:10-20. I dont have time to write out everything, but go read it a few times. it took me a few times to understand it haha but it is so good. My little commentary on it to remember after you read it: Our hope is Jesus Christ, and that He has gone before us, for us, because He loves us. We should flee for refuge to lay hold of this hope: That Jesus is the Christ and through Him we can do all.

I love you all so so so much! Thank you all again for your prayers and love.

Love Sister Smith


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