Surprise, surprise, I don’t have much time again haha but quick update! I am finally in the field!! It was so bitter sweet to leave the CTM, I miss the people there so so much. BUT I am SO happy to be out in the field. The field is 100% less comfortable than the CTM haha but also 100% better.

My companion is Sister Rebelledo! She is from Chile and I love her guts. She has only been out 7 months but already her Portuguese is incredible and she is an incredible teacher. She is really stinkin smart. Also I can see how much our investigators and the members love her; I really am just trying to be more like her everyday.


We have a ton of fun together, she is hilarious. Sometimes people can’t understand us and we just laugh because what do they expect from a Chilean and an American learning Portuguese?

Our area is the ghetto for sure haha but I love it, and I honestly don’t even notice it. The members are awesome and our investigators are so humble and ready to learn. I just jumped right in, so I have only had the opportunity to meet each of our investigators only once or twice but I already love them and am eager to learn the language so that I can actually understand them and talk to them hahaha.

The language barrier is hard! Harder than I expected. But, I am so ready to face this challenge head on. I have never loved studying, as many of you know, but I am so excited every day about studying Portuguese.

I feel your prayers every day, and I know that this church is true! I truly, without a doubt feel Jesus Christ walking with Sister Rebolledo and I every day.


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