Week 8: I am drenched literally all the time

Familia and friends!!

Thank you all for you emails, they make my whole week. I get an hour of english a week and it is the best hahaha.

This week was a good one! A hard one, but good! It rained literally
nonstop, I have literally been wet for a week now hahaha.

Our investigators are incredible. We honestly feel like we have found “os eleitos de Deus.” We have three baptisms for this Saturday!! With my dear Rita whom I love so much and Gabriele and Adriel. They are all so accepting of the gospel and I can see in their countenances how much the gospel has changed them; they have a light radiating from them that wasn’t there before.

The food! The food is AMAZING. The churrasco; I have never had such amazing meat in my life. I have only had one bad thing since I’ve been here; it was essentially a really old orange peel drenched in straight up vanilla. But Sister R and I had to eat it because it was with a new investigator who was this sweet old lady, but literally the whole time we were almost throwing up hahaha it was hilarious but horrible.

Sister R is still the best. I am teaching her english and she is teaching me portuguese and sometimes on accident she teaches me spanish hahaha. I think I will be trilingual by the end of this transfer.

A lot of people start speaking english to me before I even say anything; it’s a good reminder of how white I am hahaha. But then I speak Portuguese and usually they are surprised and applaud me and other times they stare at me in confusion because they can’t understand what I say hahaha gooood times. But it is coming! Through the help and grace of Heavenly Father I feel like I get a little bit better every day.

I had a really cool experience this week where I received an answer to my prayer. I wanted to reaffirm my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and so I asked Heavenly Father in fervent prayer for this, and I went to the scriptures and as I read the first vision again, the spirit testified to me of the truthfulness of it. And I sat in awe for a while hahah because it truly is remarkable that this event happened, and what has come from this event. This event has changed the world, and it is true and it really did happen.

My dearest loved ones, I know that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers when we go to him with a humble heart and full of love, and then seek for it! I love this gospel, and I love this work. And I love you all!!

PS My area is Areal, in the Pelotas North Stake.
PPS I forgot the chord for my camera…. so no pictures again this week hahaha. But I promise that next week you guys will get all the pictures from the past month and a half! Woo-hoo! There are some good ones, so look forward to that.


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