Week 9: Rita’s baptism and Elder Anderson and the crazies

This week was crazy! In a really good way.

We had the opportunity to listen to an APOSTLE. Elder Anderson came to Porto Alegre to speak to our mission personally! He was on his way to Santa Maria for a conference or something but he felt prompted to stop in Porto Alegre to speak to our mission, so he did! Unfortunately, our area was just barely too far away for President Cruz to allow us to travel up there to be present with Elder Anderson, so that was extremely disappointing hahaha. BUT, I know that he was truly inspired to speak to our mission because although we had to watch over transmission, the spirit was so incredibly strong, and some of the things he said answered my prayers specifically and exactly. How truly amazing is it that we have living prophets, seers, and revelators to guide us and speak to us today?

Then we had an opportunity to spend an afternoon at a psych ward! Hahaha. It was actually so so so cool. We went with a bunch of missionaries in our zone, and we sung hymns to them, and then we dedicated about an hour to speaking to them individually, one on one. We spoke to them simply about how God loves them and they are not alone, but the spirit was so strong and it was really cool. And I was able to keep a conversation with most of them, just me! Because Sister R kept ditching me to “give me experience” which was horrifying at first haha but then I loved it, because most of them talked slow enough that I could understand, and with every single one of them I felt how overwhelmingly Heavenly Father loves them, and I was able to bear testimony of this to them. It was really cool. And hilarious. They were hilarious, we got a lot of good laughs in.

And then we had Rita’s baptism!!
Literally everything that could go wrong went wrong just about two hours before her baptism. The church was out of water for the pia because people earlier had used the water for the pia to clean the bathrooms… when we heard this Sister Rebolledo turned to me and said the one phrase she knows in english: “Are you freaking kidding me” hahaha. But for real. And then the irmão that was supposed to baptize her was MIA and we also had an activity going on at the same time that our ward missionary leader organized for our pesquisadores and less actives that we were supposed to be at… So it was crazy hahaha. We kept saying “Freaking Satanás.” BUT, through it all we knew that it would work out because we know that Heavenly Father wants her to be baptized, and she had all the will in the world to be baptized. So it worked out! A couple of other elders who were angels helped us out and filled the pia in the other capela, and we had her baptism quickly then and then returned to the activity at our capela. The spirit was so strong and I honestly saw a difference in her as she exited the waters of baptism; I saw a light and a joy that was not there before. It was so cool.

Funny, and slightly tragic story: We taught this super old lady the first lesson and I gave my part of the Restoration about Joseph Smith flawlessly, or that it what I thought, because after I finished talking (and I had talked for about ten minutes) she turns to Sister R and says, “I didn’t get any of that. I can’t understand her language.” Sister R looked at me and all I said was “Are you freaking kidding me,” and we almost started laughing so hard but we exercised our will and didn’t until after we left. So that was extremely discouraging but also hilarious. I guess I need to work more on my accent hahaha.

Anyways, I love you guys! This work is pretty dang hard, especially because I can’t understand pretty much anything anyone says and I have no idea how to speak correctly, but I feel the enabling power of the Atonement every single day. I know for a fact that I would not be able to do this without my Savior by my side, and it is because of this that it makes it all worth it.

Wow I actually wrote a long email, sorry everyone lol
And the only time we have time to take photos here is waiting for the bus…. hahaha enjoy


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