Week 10: “You have a frog in your throat,” Gabriel’s baptism, and grace

Oi family and friends!

Gabriel got baptized!!! It was so cool to see his transformation, he truly is a different person now than when we first met him. The baptism went smoother than last week’s baptism, but the water heater in the capela wasn’t working so he had to be baptized in agua gelada (freezing water), and the next day in church when he got confirmed he was already sick, and couldn’t speak at all hahaha. Coitado. But he said it was all worth it, and it totally is.

This week was interesting! Lots of ups and downs and as always bizarre and hilarious happenings. The people here are hilarious, I am beginning to understand them a little bit better. The grandaughter of one woman that we taught interrupted us as we were teaching and asked us what was in our throats, and we looked at each other and were like…. not sure… and then she said something about our accents and said, “You have sapos in your throat,” sapo meaning frog. Hahahah seeeyaaa.

The work is hard, but I am learning a LOT. Especially a lot about grace. I found a quote by Howard W. Hunter that I love, he said, “With faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and obedience to his gospel, a step at a time improving as we go, pleading for strength, improving our attitudes and our ambitions, we will find ourselves successfully in the fold of the Good Shepherd. That will require discipline and training aand exertion and strength. But as the apostle Paul said, ‘I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.’ (Philippians 4:13)”

As we exercise our agency for the better, as we strive every day to be our best selves, as we continually live God’s commandments and strive to be more like Christ, Christ himself will make up the rest. He makes weak things strong, all we have to do is come unto Him. How amazing is this fact??

I love this gospel and I love the Lord and I love you all to death, more than you guys know. Thank you for you prayers and love and support, read the scriptures and pray every day!

Gabriel’s baptism!!




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