Week 11: I am changing… but I also haven’t changed at all hahaha

Hello loved ones! I have two minutes to write, but I want to say something VERY IMPORTANT. Prepare yourselves for General Conference this weekend! Pray fervently that you can prepare yourself this week and receive answers to your prayers this weekend. I know that if you show your interest to Heavenly Father by pleading with Him in prayer, He will reward you ten fold by giving you an answer to your prayers through our prophets and apostles and servants of the Lord this weekend. If there is one thing I have learned so far out here is that Heavenly Father answers our fervent, faithful, and humble prayers, that He wants more than anything to show His mercy and bless us and that we truly have living prophets and apostles in our day that receive revelation for us specifically. So my challenge for you guys, my loved ones, is that you fervently pray for our prophet and apostles this week, and pray for yourselves, that you may be prepared to receive inspiration and even revelation through our living prophets. This opportunity is amazing, don’t sleep through it like I used to lol 😉

I love you guys so much!! I feel your prayers and love every day, I am learning to love it out here. Pray and read your scriptures every day, go to church, remember the true significance of the sacrament, and attend the temple!!

Photos… hahhahahaha. This is where I direct you to my subject line.



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