Week 12: Conferencia Geral!!!

Hello my dear loved ones!

I already forgot everything that happened this week hahah remember how great my memory is fam?

BUT, I for sure did not forget General Conference. I was blessed to be able to watch all four sessions (with investigators!!!) in the church, and it was so incredibly special. I was so nervous that I would not be able to understand anything, and I wanted to be lifted by the words of the Lord’s servants so badly, so the whole week before I prayed fervently that I would be able to understand at least the gyst of what went down in each talk. And lo and behold, I understood a lot!! I also didn’t understand a lot haha but I understood way more than I should have, and I know that it is only because of the goodness of our loving Heavenly Father. It was just another testament to me that He is so aware of each of us, and even of the little things in our lives that we want to accomplish, such as being able to understand a little bit more Portuguese than normal 🙂

But wasn’t it incredible??? I have never loved General Conference so much as I did this time, and I realized how much I took it for granted before. As we watched President Monson walk in on the satelite transmission, a palpable reverence and love for him filled the chapel and the spirit was so incredibly strong, I literally sobbed hahaha. No joke, the tears were streaming. How truly marvillhous (I forgot how to spell marvilhous in english..) How truly maravilhosa 😉 is it that we have living prophets and apostles on this earth, that we have the plenitude of the gospel in our lives, all of the truth and light that we need to know how to have happiness in this life and salvation in the life to come? Every day I am increasingly humbled and grateful by this fact.

And I literally cannot wait for the next Liahona to come out so that I can review the wonderful talks again and learn even more than I did listening. Do not take for granted the Liahona fam.. it is literally modern scripture.

And, what made this weekend even better, we had the baptism of Otavio!!! We were going to have it later, but he told us that he was ready and wanted to get baptized, so we baptized him!! It was awesome. I honestly see a difference in people when they leave the waters of baptism. It is so cool.

I love you guys! I feel your prayers every day, and know that I pray for you every day. Do not forget the feelings you felt and the answers you received this weekend! Apply them to your life and live them every day. I know this church is true! I know that Joseph Smith was called of God to fulfill a marvelhous (? hahaha) work and glory, and I know that we have living prophet today. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and most of all I know that Heavenly Father loves us, more than we can comprehend, and He is aware of the things we are doing and that we are trying to be better, because sometimes that’s all we can do, is try. But I know that the grace of Jesus Christ will carry us through, I am seeing it in my life right now!

Com amor,
Sister Smith

1) and 2) Beauty, grace, miss united states… hahhaha
3) and 4) baptism de Otavio!!! the members here don’t know how to take photos hahaha



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