Week 14: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

This week was so good fam! It was literally full of miracles, which is just another testament to me that the Lord always compensates because the anterior two, three-ish weeks were rough haha. But the Lord always compensates!!

Miracle 1 (to start off the week): Sister R and I were walking back to our apartment after a long day of rejections and we hear a voice yell out, “Moça!” (girl). And we turn and see a guy getting out of his car and so we walk over to him and he starts to talk to us and he is fascinated that I am from America and my comp is from Chile (this is actually a huge help usually, if people aren’t interested in us as missionaries initially, they are usually interested in that we are foreign and want to talk to us about that and hear our accent haha) and then he says these magic words, “Quer entrar?” Do you want to come in? And so we said YES of course (after we inquired if his family was home) and we went in and his parents and grandma were there, and long story short, we gave the first lesson and it was the best lesson we have ever given. I told the story of Joseph Smith without even a thought, and I know for a fact that I had the gift of tongues. The spirit was so incredibly strong and everyone was so attentive, they were literally fascinated by what we were saying. When I testified that we have a living prophet, the mom said, “Where??? How can I meet him??” And then after they accepted the invite to be baptized. It was amazing. Unfortunately, we found out that they don’t actually live here, only the grandma that didn’t understand anything we said lives there hahahha just our luck. But they want to meet with the missionaries where they live, so we are going to give the missionaries there the best referral of their live. But still, on the walk back to our apartment afterwards, Sister R and I were singing and dancing and rejoicing. It was exactly what we needed.

Miracle 2: We had divisions this week, and I was put with an american! It was awesome, we spoke english all day hahaha. But, afterwards, I found that I was actually excited to get back to speaking Portuguese! This was a miracle for sure.

Miracle 2,3,4,5 and countless more: Almost every single person that we asked if we could share a message with let us into their home, listened attentively, and agreed to keep meeting with us. What a miracle.

Miracle 20: I gave my talk in sacrament meeting and it was actually pretty legit! The only thing was that I said the spanish word for “quote” several times because I heard Sister R use it once and thought it was Portuguese hahaha but it’s all good. I think they understood.

Seriously so many more miracles, I cannot even remember them all. But I know that it was not just random, it was because at the beginning of this week I decided to try to look for a miracle in every single day, and I did! And so I invite you guys, my loved ones, to look for miracles in your day to day lives. I promise they are there. And after, thank Heavenly Father for them. I promise that He will keep giving you more and more and more.

Oh also, the subject line. I think I forget to explain my subject line a lot haha. But miracle 21: I love beets. They have them with every single meal here and I hated them before my mission, but now I love them. Huge miracle. Also I think of Dwight every time I eat them.

I love you all! I feel your prayers and I am strengthened by them every day.
Com amor,
Sister Smith


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