Week 19: Dead birds

Hello loved ones!!

This week was an extremely interesting one, but also hilarious and super fun, but also super stressful. I think that sentence describes missionary life perfectly.

So it was my first week with my new comp!! She is awesome, but she didn’t know the area or the people or the investigators at all, obviously, so I had to lead everything and it was horrifyingggggggg and stressful because as many of you know I am horrible with direction. But the Lord was definitely looking out for me because we only got lost two times!! And we were only about 45 minutes late to our appointments!! Also, we only left our area on accident two times!! Hahaha. But seriously, it could have been a lot worse, so I am super grateful.

This week was hard because lots of our awesome investigators that we found last week dropped us this week and I got pretty frustrated towards the end of the week because I am not seeing any growth in this area despite all of my efforts. But I have faith that the Lord can do anything, so no worries fam. I still love missionary life and I am more determined than ever to work hard.

Sister Pereira is hilarious and awesome. I already love her. But she is a little bit hesitant to enter situations that could be uncomfortable, and so I realized this week that I no longer have a problem with that whatsoever. Sister Rebolledo taught me how to be fearless in talking to anyone and everyone, and I am super grateful for that because we have already found some super cool people this week by talking to someone that looks like a drug dealer/ serial killer. It’s great.


So we found a dead bird in our ceiling light this week and I cried and laughed so hard because I made Sister P take it out and I almost died it was so funny but also horrifying and I will for sure have nightmares for the rest of my life about this experience.

Also I had a dope spiritual experience to share with you guys but I ran out of time. So look forward to it next week!! Love you all! Thank you for your prayers and love!!


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