Week 20: God calls from the pit, not the pedestal

Hello loved ones!!

This week was another slow one. We have gotten a mandate from our President to work with the inactives here in the ward. And guess what, there are about 600 inactives in our ward…..(!!!!) So our mission (literally haha) is to try to find these MIA’s and if we don’t find them, try to figure out where the heck they went, which is pretty difficult. The people here don’t love to give away information. Not sure if they think we are the IRS or what (Dad, turns out I am following in your footsteps ;). And if we do find them, teach them and reactivate them!! So we spent a lot of time this week walking the streets of Pelotas trying to find these people. But, we found some awesome people that seem like they have a lot of potenital. I know that miracles will come with this work, the work of rescuing the lost sheep that have wandered astray. The 600 lost sheep.

Cool experience that came from the scriptures, I was reading in 2 Nephi 3:17, about Moses. And I continued to do a study on Moses. And I had heard of this before, but didn’t know much about it, that he had a problem with speech. And I read in Exodus when God calls him and he basically says to God, heck no, how am I supposed to do this, they will all laugh at me and scorn because I am slow of speech. Even Moses thought that he wasn’t good enough! He had a huge task ahead of him, but he had this great obstacle that appeared would keep him from accomplishing. But, God called him, and God enables those whom he calls. And so Moses went forth and God prepared a way and he did one of the greatest things anyone has ever done and he did it with faith unwavering and boldness and an unfaltering confidence and trust in God that if he, Moses, did his part, the Lord would do His. And He did!

Bahhhhhcarumba fam the scriptures answer our prayers!!! Because God speaks to us through the scriptures when we speak with Him through prayer. This is one thing I have learned, God calls from the pit, not the pedestal.

I love you all!!!! I pray for you day and night.


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