Week 26: Como conhecer o Salvador

Hello loved ones!!!!!

Don’t have a ton of time today, but I want to talk about a couple things 🙂
Did you guys make goals for this new year?? I hated goals before the mish, and sometimes I still really don’t like them haha. But they help us grow and learn and realize our real potencial, so make some goals and keep them.
We had an awesome week this week. We have a couple, Junior and Cassia, with two boys that are preparing to get married to be baptized! We had a super awesome lesson with them about the importance and blessing of being sealed in the temple for eternity, and the spirit was so strong, Junior said, “I felt something.. i dont know, really good here.” And he put his hand over his heart as he was describing it, and we were like, that’s the spirit!!!!!!!! We almost yelled it hahaha but to keep the spirit there we had to control ourselves. So we are super super excited.
Also we found an adorable 15 year old girl, Estter, who is extremely intelligent, it’s insane, but she is ELEITA. She already knows that she wants to be baptized, but her mom said no. So pray for her please, that her mom’s heart can be softened. She is amazing and needs to be baptized.
I studied the talk of President Utchorf, The Gift of Grace for like the millionth time this week. It is SO good. If you are looking for something to study, study this!!
Also, I would like to establish a goal with whoever would like to establish with me. I made a goal to come to know the Savior personally this year. I think we can all make this our goal, that through diligent scripture study, fervent prayers, and church and temple attendance, we will come to know the Savior deeply and personally.
I love you all!!!
Com amor,
Sister Smith
Ps, sorry for the lack of photos, I lost my camera and my comp’s camera is broken hahaha seeeyaaaaaa

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