Hello loved ones!!! Happy monday 🙂

I hit 7 months today!!!! SOOOOOOO weird the time is passing by so freaking fast and I’m starting to freak out a little bit I’m getting pretty dang close to half way mark ahhhhhhhhhhh slow down time

So I have a quote that I found that is dope that I want to share with you guys because I love you guys. Joseph B. Wirthlin said:

“The gospel of Jesus Christ transcends mortality. Our work here is but a shadow of greater and unimaginable things to come.”

E gente!! I experienced a tiny particle of this this week. This week we did a family home evening thing with Junior and Cassia, our little adorable family, (by the way we set a date for their marraige and they will get married sabado the 25th of this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And get baptized the following day before church!!!!!!) and we watched the Joseph Smith Story, the Restauration, and the spirit was SO STRONG at the end because Junior started to cry and he began to describe how he was feeling and it was the most amazing thing, to hear someone try to describe the spirit when they are feeling it that strongly for the first time. He said that he felt so happy, that he finally was understanding the “why” of all the things that we are teaching and the importance of all of them, and the difference that it would make for his family. And we all started to cry and I had to hold myself back from jumping and screaming out of joy, so instead I just cried and cried and we all cried and laughed together. And then at the end, Cassia said the prayer, and she said that she loved Heavenly Father and that she was so grateful that she was coming to know Him. And it was SO cool because the other day I was thinking about how I want to teach my investigators everything, but it is so hard because there is so much information and so much stuff to learn that I am still learning and I was born in the church, and how can I help them learn all this stuff? And I realized this day that the most important thing I can do is help them understand the spirit and love and come to know Heavenly Father. And it was so cool. And on the way home Sister Assis and I jumped and screamed and danced and cried some more haha. It was very sweet.

Also, a down of this week was that we watched a puppy die… we found her on the side of the road dying and so we and a member that was with us rushed her to the nearest vet and the vet said there was nothing we could do and so we sat there and waited for her to die and then we had to bury her somewhere so we buried her in a member’s yard. And I cried and cried and cried and cried. And so I cried a lot this week haha goooood times. Half of it out of happiness, and the other half out of sadness. So gente, there are ups and downs in everything in life. BUT the good news is that I read that morning in my personal study that animals will be ressurrected and will be in heaven because they are redeemed by Christ! So we gave the puppy a name so that we can find her in the Celestial Kingdom 🙂

Also, miracle of the week, we had 8 investigators at church!!!!!!! It was amazing and they all loved it. “There will be miracles, if you believe (if you believe)” lol does anyone remember this music?


my favorite member in the world anna:

Sister Assis and I during a palestra haha good times


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