Week 34: The light of the Gospel and ambrosia

Hello loved ones 🙂

This week was good!! SUper tiring, but good. We had divisions! Which was super fun. It was the first division that I had that I stayed in the area, so I was super excited to show our sister training leader how I work and how I can lead, so we worked até o PÓ which means literally we worked until the dust lol but you guys get the gyst. which was also EXAUGHSTING still don’t know how to spell that word sorry everyone but it feels good to be exaughsted as a missionary, as long as there is time to sleep on pday 🙂

But this week was a little harder, probably in recompense for the week anterior which was heaven haha. But we had several of our investigators drop us because they don’t want to take on the committment to be baptized. So that was rough. It hurts my heart to see them reject the answers they have received and the love they have felt from the Lord because they are afraid of commitment, but I have hope that someday they will feel prepared and finally be ready to accept the gospel and take that first, amazing, fulfilling step into disciplehood. 🙂

But I love this gospel with all of my being. Sometimes, even here on the mission, I forget how truly marvilhous (? sorry the spelling errors) this gospel is. But I never forget for too long, because the Lord never lets me forget for too long. And when He makes me remember, it is like a light that enters full force into my soul once again.

C.S. Lewis said something super important and super true: “Every day we must start anew with God as if nothing had yet been done.”

And as we do this, that brilliant light that only He brings will illuminate our souls every single day.

I love you all so so so so much.

The one photo I took this week hahaha sorry but AMBROSIA!!! It is my favorite thing in the whole entire world. It looks disgusting but I swear it’s goodimage


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