Happy Monday loved ones!

I don’t remember anything from this week… hah let’s be real I’m turning old. But literally because today I have 8 months in the mish and I had to pinch myself it is passing by crazy fast and I remember when I had a month and a half and I had to learn how to say to people that I had a month and a half in Portuguese when I left the CTM as if it was yesterday…. SLOW DOWN TIME

But this is the last week of this transfer! And Sister Assis and I are pretty sure that she is going to be transferred out because she almost has six months here.. so we are pretty sad. But good things are going to happen this next transfer.. I’m feelin it.

This week we visited our adorable recent converts, Junior and Cassia, and Junior told us about an experience that he had this last week as he was washing the dishes for Cassia when she was sleeping. He had watched a video about some sort of sacrificial thing… not sure, this part I didn’t understand super well lol but then he was washing the dishes and he started to think about sacrifices and he began to think of the Savior. And he said that he began to think of the sacrifice that He made for us, and he began to cry and cry and cry. We joked that he started to wash the dishes with his tears to save water hahaha but truly as he told us about this experience, I realized what an incredibly sacred and wonderful experience it was for him. He told us that he feels like the Savior is his best friend, and that he felt His love so overwhelmingly in that moment that he knows he will never forget it.

And I was needing this this week because this week was a little rough, I felt like I wasn’t good enough and that I wasn’t making a difference and bla bla bla annoying thoughts that I know only Satan puts in my head, but nonetheless, I was struggling a little. But then Junior told us this, and I felt so incredibly humbled and grateful in that moment, humbled and grateful that Heavenly Father had been so merciful as to let me have the privelage to be a part of their conversion experience, to be a part of them coming to know Christ and coming to feel how I feel about Him, that He is my best friend, and His love truly does overwhelm me.

The church is true, God is good, and we do make a difference, every one of us that choose to follow the Savior. Whether or not we know it, our light shines as we follow Him and do as He would do.

I have a burning testimony of this gospel, of the wonder and awe and love and joy and beauty that it brings to my life. And this comes only through daily scripture study and fervent prayer and a unwavering disposition to follow the Master.

I love you all!!!!
Com amor,
Sister Smith


Junior and Cassia took us out to a fancy dinner and Sister Assis putting her butter knife in my throat lol

More photos from the wedding!!

Lol always ruining the photo

Minha bebzinha


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