Week 36: Todd Christofferson and Cockroaches and Sister Assis left and I cried my eyes out

LOTS of things happened this week gente. Lots of great things and lots of sad things. But the most amazing thing was that Elder D. Todd Christofferson came and visited our mission!!!!!!!! He spoke to us on Saturday and it was AMAZING. He is amazing. If I had one word to describe him it would be humble. Or loving. I spent a long time trying to decide between the two and couldn’t decide lol

BUT it was amazing the things he said. I will say of the few things he said for you guys 🙂

  • The scriptures teach us the language of the spirit; you will learn to hear the voice of the Lord in the scriptures.
  • Pondering the scriptures leads us to ask the right questions in prayer (for example, Joseph Smith and James 1:5)
  • Have you actually thought about how this dispensation is the last one? This dispensation is the only one that will not end in apostasy. It will end in the Lord´s coming.
  • It is a privelege to serve God; it is a miracle. Can you believe that God lets us touch anything? (Truth) We are so imperfect, but still He lets us work in the things of His kingdom (whether it be missionary work or temple work or callings in the church or serving your neighbor)
  • Be careful to record the revelations and inspirations and moments of the spirit that we receive; we show our appreciation for them through this, and He will give us more if we do.
  • The more obedient we are the more He can trust us.

And these three here were my favorites:

  1. Jesus Christ has the right to extend grace, to cleanse and to sanctify. The power is in Him. We have more power the closer we are to Him. We turn to Him. We rely on His mercy and merits and grace. His grace changes us; we become increasingly holy; without sin and without spot. That´s the beauty of His grace. That´s the beauty of His work.
  2. We see the world not as it is, but as we are.
  3. The words written in your heart, “Thy will be done,” are the window to revelation (!!!!)

IT WAS AMAZING. The spirit of that man filled the whole chapel for two whole hours. I am certain that he is a true servant of God.

A bunch of other stuff happened this week but I ran out of time, but for sure this was the most important.

Saddest part of this week (and my life) is that Sister Assis got transferred. I cried até o pó. Literally sobbed. But I stayed in the area!! Which is perfect because I love this area. Haven’t had much time to talk to the new comp, so I will update you guys next week.

I love you all!!

1. and 2. Getting ready to meet Elder D. Todd Christofferson
3. We found a present for us when we got back home. And we killed it through a combination of screams and flying shoes. It was a battle



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