Week 39: General Conference and Temple and Blessings and Love and Wonder and Beauty and

Hello loved ones!!!!!

These past few weeks have been wonderful. Among the best of the moments were General Conference!!! and TEMPLO!!!!! I love love love love love love the temple. It truly is the house of the Lord, and how priveleged are we to live in a time where we can partake of all of the ordinances of salvation that bring so much peace and hope and joy in our lives? For those who live five minutes away from the temple, please go often for me 🙂

General Conference was amazing. I went with the question, “What lack I yet?” And I received an answer in the first session with the talk of L. Whitney Clayton. When we are doing our part, when we are giving our best, we don’t have to stress about if we will be enough. We know when we give our all, and when we do, we don’t have to constantly think that we aren’t good enough. I don’t think the Lord likes it when we beat ourselves up for thinking that we will never be good enough. But instead, we can give it our all, and when we have done that, we give it over to the Lord and trust that He will handle the rest. If we have faith in the grace of the Lord and do our part, we will always have peace of conscience and a bright hope for a joyful and wonderful future.

Sweet President Monson; I had a wonderful moment when he spoke. Although he is old and his health is not as it used to be, the power and spirit that he eminates (? don’t even know if that´s a word anymore hahaha) is undeniable. He is a prophet of God, this I know for sure, and this is one of the most hopeful things that we can know; that God still speaks with His people.

My efforts to trust completely in the Lord are paying off. We are seeing lots of miracles, and we are being instruments in His hands in doing much good. God is good, gente.

Okay one more thing!!!! I read this quote from D. Todd Christofferson in a talk that he gave called, Saving Your Life. I encourage all of you to read it, it is AMAZING. He said, “As the heavens are higher than the earth (Isaiah 55:8-9), God´s work in your life is bigger than the story you´d like that life to tell. His life is bigger than your plans, goals, or fears. To save your life, you’ll have to lay down your stories, and, minute by minute, day by day, give your life back to Him… The theme of the Savior’s life was, ‘I do always those things that please the Father.’ I pray that you will make it the theme of your life. If you do, you will save your life.”


Anyways I love you all!!!!!!!!

Oh also I got bangs lol #vidaloca


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