Week 40: Birthday and Easter and Musical and the Humble

Loved ones!!! Thank you all for the birthday wishes, it meant the world to me 🙂 Also I can´t believe that I am 20…. I don’t feel like it yet. And apparently I don´t look like it either. Everyone says I look like I´m 15 lol good times

These lovely ladies that threw me a festinha:


But this week was wonderful!!! We had a very full week and we worked até o pó, and walked and walked and walked até o pó also, to visit all the people we needed to. Which was good because on my birthday I ate waaaaaay too much haha. Almost every house we went to had cake and sweets and all kinds of food. At the end of the day, I literally thought I was going to explode. But it was wonderful nonetheless 🙂


I was blessed with a wonderful wonderful wonderful experience on my birthday during our lunch with some members. We ate with a couple that I had never had lunch with before because they are always working, but my birthday was a holiday here so they could give us lunch. So we went and it was a humble house, pretty normal. But we entered and they gave us lunch and they had to sit in their room because there wasn´t enough room at the table because they had like a million grandkids there with them. But they welcomed us so incredibly happily, making sure that everything was good and that we liked it and they seemed so concerned with our well being it was the cutest thing ever. And then afterwards I had planned to leave a dope message about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ but something made me wait to say something, and in that moment they told us that they wanted to show us a couple of those Bible videos that the church did because I told them that I had never watched all of them, only a few. So we went to their room where they had a little computer and they had already downloaded all of the videos. But what struck me the most was that every single picture they had hung up was a photo of Christ or of the temple. They were very humble pictures, taken from Lianhonas I think, nothing extravagant. And they put on the Bible videos and they looked so excited to watch them, even though they said they had already watched them a million times.

In that moment as I looked at them, the spirit filled me completely; I was overwhelmed with their humility and their complete discipleship. I heard in my mind, “These are they who will inherit the kingdom of God.” I couldn’t hold back my tears; I felt with my whole being that I was in the presence of two spirit children of Heavenly Father that He loved and treasured very very much, and that would surely inherit His kingdom. At the end of the videos I shared with them my impressions and the spirit filled the room even stronger and everyone started crying lol but it was a very very special moment. Honestly the best birthday present that I could have received. I have continually reflected on that moment, and how it doesn´t matter one bit if we know all of the scriptures, if we have all of the learning about the church, if we have riches or whatever. Truly what is important, what our Heavenly Father wants, is a broken heart and a contrite spirit that are fullly devoted to the cause of His kingdom. It was dope, and something I will never forget.

Also we had our musical that we have been preparing for for years!!! Jk for like 3 months but still. It was about the Restauration (? forgot how to spell it in english) and we sang “Que Manha Maravilhosa” and “Assombro Me Causa” among a bunch of others, but these two stuck out to me especially as we sang for a bunch of people. The spirit was so incredibly strong as we testified through song to these people about the truthfulness of what we preach. Even though being a missionary is freaking hard sometimes, I LOVE love love being a missionary. There is truly no better title that I could bear than a representative of the Savior.


And yesterday our eleito Gustavo went to church with us!!! Satan tried to keep him from going; he said he got lost like 20 times and what would have been a 10 minute car ride turned into a 30 lol but he made it and it was wonderful!!!!

Sorry for the novel, but this week was a really good one. Obviously not all of it was good, actually there were a few moments that were one of the hardest that I’ve had here on the mission. But, the tender mercies and miracles of the Lord make up for every single heartbreak and hardship and trial. And especially with the knowledge that Jesus Christ lives, which we celebrated with Easter this weekend. What can be a more hopeful and wonderful message than because of Christ, the grave has no victory, death no sting.

He lives! I know that my Redeemer lives.

To use the words of Elder Holland, “I testify that He lives, that the whole triumph of the gospel is that He lives, and because He lives, so will we.”

I love you all!!! And I love our Savior. 🙂 Remember Him always.

Com amor,
Sister Smith



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