Week 43: Great is our God gente

Hello loved ones!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. My week consisted of some pretty extreme ups and downs, but as always, the extreme and wonderful ups make up for the extreme and annoying downs. One of the wonderful ups was a wonderful experience that I was needing.

On Saturday we went with our Bishop (who is amazing and I love him) to visit a woman who´s son had been killed recently, who had been baptized in our ward but recently had become inactive. So we went but before entering, we were in the bishop’s car and he said a prayer and then he told us, “Do you know who is in there now? Satan. He is there now. But do you know what you have? You have an infinite mantle of power, more power than you can imagine. You don’t even know how much power you have in you. Satan, he will leave when we enter, because we have the power of God with us, in the name of Christ, and Satan trembles at the name of Christ.” AND I LITERALLY GOT THE CHILLS IT WAS SO DOPE, THE BEST PEP TALK I’VE EVER RECEIVED IN MY LIFE

And so we were walking up to their house and I had the Book of Mormon in one and and the Bible in the other, and I could feel the power that I had in that moment. I felt small and weak and afraid, but I felt the empowering and completing strength of God with me. And when I spoke with the woman and her family, I felt the spirit speak through me. I don’t even remember what I said, but I think that the spirit worked through me and I think it made a difference. And then after we went to a ward activity (and side note, I LOVE this ward, it feels like home and I never want to leave this area), but when we were leaving, Bishop said to me, “It was a privelege to see the power of the mantle working in you tonight. Well done.”

ALSO Junior received the Priesthood yesterday!! And we already started planning the baptism of Henrique, his son, and Gustavo will receive the Priesthood next Sunday.

God is good, and the Priesthood is real. God’s power is real, and it is here on earth, and it is more powerful than we can imagine, and all we need is faith and trust in Him. How wonderful is this gospel??

Don’t have much more time but this was definitely a wonderful up of my week that I wanted to share with you guys. I love you all!!

Also STOKED for mother’s day!!!

1. Our new investigator loooooooooolololololol



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