I had no idea what to put as the subject line hahhaha BECAUSE SOOOOOO MUCH HAPPENED THIS WEEK.

I was transferred! Emergency transfer because we are only three weeks into this transfer. The APs called us Saturday morning during our casual daily planning to inform me that I had to say goodbye to all of my loved ones in my beloved Celestial area and pack all of my bags because Sunday afternoon I would have to catch a bus (6 hour bus ride) to the southern part of the mission. So after a moment of denial and shock came the anger and then the despair hahaha. Sister N. Souza, my beloved companion who truly had become my best friend, and I cried for a while then left to work and say goodbye to my loved ones.

THEN started the insanity. Sunday afternoon Junior and Cassia’s parents drove all of us to the bus station and their car is super old and janky and had all of us crammed in and my two giant suitcases, and so, lo and behold, half way to the bus station, the car stopped in the middle of the intersection hahaha. We were already running late because I had to say goodbye to other loved ones that morning and so in that moment we all jumped out of the car and started pushing it to the side of the road. After about five minutes of lots of praying and the car making a super ugly throwing up sound lol, the car started again, but we had to push it and jump in one by one as we were pushing it and it was DOPE IT WAS LITERALLY MY OWN LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE MOMENT (for those who know that it is my favorite movie and know that one scene that they have to push the van) and we were all laughing and it was wonderful. But then we showed up at the bus station running, looking like crazy people, only to find out that I had missed the bus by three minutes. THREE MINUTES GENTE. And so we called the APs and got chewed out and then returned home. Which was low key awesome because I got to go to church and say goodbye to all of my loved ones that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to. And then we received a call that we had to return to the bus station to pick up Sister N. Souza’s new companion. So we went, picked her up, then returned home.

AND THEN we planned a prank on our other convert, Gustavo. Junior invited him to their house to meet the new sister, but he didn’t tell him that I stayed. So he went to their house and I hid out back, and then Junior said a prayer to bless the food and he said, “It would be great if we could feel the presence of Sister Smith here, as if she were here, please bless that we can feel her here.” And then I showed up in the middle of the prayer and Gustavo opened his eyes and freaked out hahahha it was great. And then I had to sleep on the ground in our apartment that night seeeyaaaaa

So I had to leave for reals yesterday afternoon, Junior and Cassia and Gustavo went with us to the bus station which was THE WORST IDEA EVER because I BAWLED my eyes out as the bus drove away and I had to leave them and my beloved best friend, Sister N. Souza there.

Anyways, it was an adventure, and although I was super sad to leave my area and my favorite people, I am very grateful to be here in Bagé! I am with a Sister from Chile, again! Woohoo! But she is dying; she will go home this transfer. So I have to learn the area in 3 weeks… seeeyaaa we’ll see how it goes. I have faith in the Lord, He will provide. And I feel really good here. I know I am supposed to be here now, and I am praying that the Lord will guide me so that I can make a difference here.

I LOVE YOU ALL, I’ll have more updates next week.

1. Eva, my love, that we reactivated before I left
2. My last selfie with Junior and Cassia 😥



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