Week 50: Open your soul

Hello loved ones!!!!

This week was a ROLLERCOASTER. Good thing I love roller coasters haha

But for real. We did divisions!! And I stayed with two different sisters, two days each one. It was great. We ate a lot and talked a lot and laughed a lot and worked a lot and were rejected a lot… lol this week was full of rejections. But don’t worry folks, it just means that Heavenly Father has something much bigger and better in store for us, so we are working and waiting anxiously.

BUT one of these wonderful things that Heavenly Father has already placed in our way is Alison Lennon (he said that it’s not because of John Lennon but I like to think that it is). Last week while Rui was having his baptismal interview, we were just chillin in the chapel waiting for him to finish, and lo and behold, enters a young man, sits down on the pew, and starts to read in the hymn book. So we go talk to him, thinking he was a member of another ward or something, but no, he was just passing by the church, saw that it was open, and decided to enter to see what it was like.


So Sister Araujo and I jumped on this opportunity and taught him the Restoration then and there in the chapel, and it was DOPE. And we have continued visiting him, teaching him, he is praying, reading the Book of Mormon, and going to church, yesterday he told us that he feels peace and calmness in the church and when he reads the Book of Mormon. He has some doubts about baptism, but we are helping him with this and tudo vai dar certo gente.

Also the members are wonderful here; there are few, but they are powerful and inspired. They are helping us a ton, and the work is moving upward and onward. We had a Family Home Evening with one of our investigators and some of my favorite members last night, and we were singing “I Know that My Redeemer Lives,” and as we were singing I looked around at everyone, every person that was singing off key and it was not the most beautiful hymn I’ve ever heard sung haha BUT, the spirit touched me profoundly in that moment, I was overwhelmed with the faithfulness and love and dedication that these people here have for the gospel. Being member here is not easy, not at all. I know that it is never easy in all parts of the world, but here in Bagé, with few members, with little money, even without bishop (we are currently without bishop), despite all of this, these people are so incredibly grateful and happy and have so much love for the gospel. They are the biggest example to me.

Something cool from my study this week: I am currently in Alma, and I was reading in Alma 34. Here Alma is talking about the importance of prayer; he tells us where we should pray, how we should pray, to whom we have to pray, etc. He lays it out for us. But something stood out to me significantly in verse 26. In Portuguese, he says, “Deveis abrir vossa alma,” which literally translated, means “you should open your soul”. I looked at the translation in English and it says, “pour out your soul,” which also is cool, but I don’t know, something about “open your soul” stood out to me. “Open your soul”. Open your souls in your prayers tonight gente, lay it all out on the altar, everything. And I promise that it will change everything.

I love you all!! Thank you so much for you support and love and prayers. Trust in Heavenly Father. He loves you and knows you and is with you in every moment, and He always keeps His promises.

1. . Here you can see my new addiction: goiabada with cream of milk. Also you can see how strange I am dressing here on the mish lol. But I never was very good with matching my clothes whoops

2. Dinner of champions
3. Thales and Divaldo and Dienifer moved away :(((((
4. Division with these lovelies



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