Week 63: Transfers and training and whitewashing, oh my

Loved ones!!!

This week was insane. Some of the lowest lows and highest highs I have ever had in my life. The week started off assim: we had four baptisms planned for this Saturday!! We were planning everything certinho and BOOM all four dropped on the same day. Two dissapeared; they had to travel last minute. The other two drank coffee. So this week was rough. But, I had an experience very very special; I was feeling dissapointed, feeling that I was doing something wrong, that I was missing something. I asked Heavenly Father what it was, and He showed it to me! And I had the opportunity to repent, and it was wonderful. Repentance is the most miraculous act of faith that we can show to Heavenly Father, and His forgiveness that always follows, even more miraculous. He is always there, waiting for us to return to him with full purpose of heart. And so it ended up being a really really good week, we were able to mark a firm baptismal date with Tayglor, and he is stoked, and we were stoked. And, it was in that moment, literally, that we received a phone call. Transfers. And I was transferred……. It was literally the last thing that I expected; I was in shock for like four hours. Literally until I had to pack my bags I wasn’t believing it hahaha. But, the Lord calls, and I obey. And He called me to train again, and so I will open an area training! I still don’t know where hahaha I’ll let you guys know when I know.

So I’m starting a new adventure, and it will probably be my last adventure here on the mish… which is INSANE. But I am going  to give it all that I have and trust in the Lord to do the rest. I hope that you all do the same in your lives. Trust in Him. That is one of the greatest things I have learned on the mish, and one of the most precious treasures that I have and will always keep with me. He is so good, He knows all, and He loves us. Trust in this.

I love you all!!!!!
Com amor,
Sister Smith



P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos!! Hopefully I’ll send a few sometime soon in the future hahaha


Week 62: The Lord’s people do not fear!

Hello loved ones!!! Another week of hard work. And another week that I don’t remember much that happened hahahha BUT what I do remember is that Sister Hailstone and I saw many miracles. First of all, in this one week we have had together, we have learned SO MUCH from one another. This transfer was not a coincidence.

One of the many miracles of this week was General Conference!!!!! It was SO GOOD. Na real, it was really different because we were able to take many investigators to watch and listen, many very important investigators that have had doubts and questions. And so the whole time I was more focused on them, on what they’d think of the talks, when a talker (? hahaha) said something that I knew they needed to hear, I just thought, “Oh! I hope they’re listening! That is exactly what they need to hear!” One family really really special went and THANK DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER so many inspired blessed children of His spoke about the Book of Mormon, which was exactly what this very special family needed to hear. The dad, Sergio, came up to me afterwards and said, “Now I understand why you girls are always trying to convince us to read that book. We are going to read it now for sure.” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!)

And another young man, Tayglor, he went to three of the quatro sessions and he LOVED IT. He is the young man that we started to teach in the hospital because he was using lots and lots and lots of drugs. But now, he had left EVERYTHING except cigarrette, which we are helping him with. But it is a huge miracle. It is incredible to me to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ work so actively in the lives of people that, even though they don’t understand it very well, they are doing their best to change their lives through Him.

I’ll write a few things that I loved loved loved from the conference. It’s a mixture of quotes and inspired thoughts that the Holy Ghost brought to my mind, lol I’m not sure which is which. But this is what I got out of it.

  • The divinity within us reminds us that we are all just walking each other home.
  • God is a God of hope, of light, of illumination, and love, all that elevate us until the heavens.
  • Every piece of bread that is torn for us is individual, just like how He was torn for us, each one of us, individually.
  • Be careful with toxic perfectionism; just do your best and trust that the Lord will do the rest
  • We need to decide which path we are going to take every day; the path of kindness and generosity and love, or the path of irritation, anger, and lack of faith
  • To be full of light and joy, we need to repent every day
  • Even though this life is short, it is incredibly significant, eternally significant.
  • God is not a God of coincidences
  • Our good works are recorded in heaven; if no one sees them here, the heavens see and rejoice in them.
  • Let us be saints full of faith and hope, keeping our covenants, praying fervently, and we will see miracles happen.
  • “Remember to place Jesus Christ in the center of your life today”
  • The Lord’s people do not fear.
  • And all of this is as simple as making a decision. Make the decision to be happy, make the decision to trust in God and have faith, make the decision to serve others, make the decision to be happy, and you will be.

I love you all!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I am so grateful for every single one of you. God is good. Trust in Him. Love Him. And everthing will work out for your good.

Com amor,
Sister Smith

New Companion: Sis Hailstone


Week 59

This week was a week full of miracles!!!! Unfortunately I don’t have time to write them all!!
I will write more next week! This week is so photos! Lol love you all!!!!!
1. We did an activity about free agency with our little investigators using balloons and needles lol
2. This one’s for mama; there are SO MANY horses here. You would love it.
3. This is what we do waiting for our bus
4. Gaucho day
5. I LOVE living with four sisters it is the best thing ever
6. I painted Sister Marque’s hair and she did my make up lol


Week 58: Make your destiny

Loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My area is wonderful and my companion is crazy and we are so happy together, we are having so much fun and working so hard. The Lord always compensates, gente.
This week was so good, I got to know my area, which is HUGE. The biggest area I have had until now; we walked SO MUCH this week hahahhaa. We found a tiny town that is part of our area that reminds me of that town in the middle of the woods in the movie Big Fish (remember Steph?) but like way more sketchy hahahhaha love it
Also we have AMAZING investigators, several families that we are going to marry and baptize, and I am teaching english again!! It was so fun, there are mostly kids, but it’s awesome, and we have so much fun, and two of them went to church for the first time yesterday, and brought their families with them!!
I don’t remember much more of what happened this week hahaha know that I am in love with this place, with these people, it is a branch, my first time in a branch, I bore my testimony yesterday of how much I already loved it here and how much I already loved all the members and they all came up to me afterwards and hugged me and welcomed me and I felt so loved and I am so happy here. We are going to qualify this branch to be a ward.
Also, we live with two other sisters!!! And it is SO FUN. I LOVE IT.  We have already played many pranks and made lots of messes hahaha
Missionary life is so so so good. I am so happy serving the Lord with all that I have. I am SO TIRED hahaha but it is the best kind of tired I have every felt in my life, and every morning, the Lord gives me just enough energy and strength and excitement to give all I have every day. This gospel is wonderful, please please please never forget in the difficult moments. Remember, the Lord ALWAYS compensates when we don’t give up; the sun always rises after the night.
Sister Marques and I’s (? lol forgetting english) new phrase is “Make your own destiny”. Make your own glorious destiny choosing Heavenly Father and the Savior and His perfect gospel every single day.
I love you all!!!!!!
1. My new comp, Sister Marques! We are literally crazy
2. pt. 2
3. pt. 3
4. pt. 4
5-6. The attack of the toothbrush series hahahhaha (just a couple)


Hello loved ones!!! Sorry for the short email this week, long story short, I was transferred! I am now in Pelotas once again, the place where I was born (where I started the mish lol) but in an area way distant, literally in the middle of nowhere, like Bagé. It seems President Cruz is liking putting me in the middle of nowhere with lots of cows and horses and rolling hills. No complaints; it’s beautiful out here, especially at night with the view of the stars.

ANYWAys my new comp is Sister Marques! She seems way cool, I’m excited to be here. The only thing I know about this area is that is a branch; my first time working in an official branch! I’m stoked. Our mandate is to turn this branch into a ward, and it’s going to happen.

Okay I love you all and I’ll have a better update and more photos next week!!

Com amor,
Sister Smith

Week 56

Hello loved ones!!!

This week was so so good. Heavenly Father is very merciful with His children, and this week I was a witness to this. We are seeing so much progress in our ward, the frequency has almost doubled since my first Sunday here. The members are working together to reactivate the lost sheep, and several have already been reactivated, including Carmen, Katiuska, whom I LOVE, and Irio, who will receive the Melquesideque Priesthood in a few weeks, and we are working steadily with others. Luiz, our recent convert, received the Aaronic Priesthood and passed the sacrament yesterday!! It was the cutest thing ever. He got a little lost lol, but it’s all good. The sacrament was passed, and that’s what matters. And Heavenly Father is placing His elect in our laps. Yesterday at church, in the middle of sacrament meeting, a woman showed up. I went to talk to her. She said that she had always wanted to visit, but the church was always closed. But today she was passing, saw that it was open, and entered. She said she loved it. It gave her a relief from the anxiety that she feels because she has to take care of her son who is sick. She said that the words are beautiful, and that she will return the next Sunday with her son.

Also, yesterday night, we had a devotional in the church and Emerson brought one of his friends. He introduced us, told us that he had tried for over a year to bring his friend to church, but it was the first time that he came. We taught him about the Book of Mormon in that moment and marked another day to teach him more. He said that he likes our culture, and would like to be baptized. (!!!)

Also, Bressan, our golden investigator, went to church yesterday, and he told his friend who is a member in the other ward that he felt like he had to go to our ward yesterday to receive an answer. And he was so happy the whole time, I think he received an answer. (!!!)

Heavenly Father is so good, gente. This is the last week of the transfer. These last two transfers have been the most difficult for me thus far, but it is in these last two transfers that I have grown closest to Heavenly Father and my Savior, that my weaknesses have turned strengths, and that Heavenly Father’s hand has been most manifest in my life and in the lives of those I am serving and loving. I love this area SO MUCH. I thought that I would never love an area as much as my last one. But I was wrong 🙂 I love this area and these people so much and  I DONT WANT TO LEAVE but probably will. “Aonde Mandareis Irei.”

Cool quote of the week:

“I have learned that where there is a prayerful heart, a hungering after righteousness, a forsaking of sins, and obedience to the commandments of God, the Lord pours out more and more light until there is finally power to pierce the heavenly veil… A person of such righteousness has the priceless promise that one day he shall see the Lord’s face and know that He is.”
-President Spencer W. Kimball

I love you all!!! I am always praying for you all.

Photos!! Not sure what is the order lol but we made a TON of cake for our activity (I am dope at making cake now prepare yourselves family and friends) and our activity, where everyone ended up in the Celestial Kingdom 🙂 Not very many people came because of a misunderstanding also because of the rain. But still, it was wonderful and spiritual. It will all be worth it when we all make it to the Celestial Kingdom. This I know 🙂


Week 55: 2 Corinthians 6:9

Hello loved ones!!! This week was a week of miracles. It was a week of miracles in the sense that we are alive… hahahhaa just kidding. Both Sister Araujo and I got super sick this week. BUT- miracle, we wanted to work, we didn’t want to have to stay home, so we asked for strength and Heavenly Father gave it to us. And we were able to leave the house every day and work! And now we are both healthy and happy 🙂

Once again I can’t remember anything that happened this week hahaha but it was a really really good week. It should be freezing here, but in reality, it is super pleasant. Like I think it skipped winter and went straight to spring. Not complaining. We knocked a TON of doors this week, which was so worth it. We found 5 wonderful people on just one street that accepted us and our message and a baptismal date!! MILAGRES. Unfortunately, none of these people made it to church yesterday. But the next Sunday they will 🙂

Fortunately, we received a reference from the other ward, and we started teaching him. He is super elect, super prepared, só falta ele casar. But he went to church for the first time yesterday, and during fast and testimony meeting, three of his friends from the other ward (which is super far away) showed up and sat with him and then bore testimony and it was the cutest thing ever. I felt so grateful in that moment for the opportunity that we have to go to church and renew our convenants every Sunday; it really is the most merciful thing ever, that we can be cleansed every single week, as if we were entering in the waters of baptism again every single week. Loved ones- make the sacrifice to go to church every week and fulfill your callings and partake worthily of the sacrament. Heavenly Father will renovate and elevate and illuminate and edify you every single Sunday.

I love this gospel SO MUCH. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, I feel very close to them, and I am so grateful for the trials, for the trials permit these things.


1. ovelha lol 2. I found that giant snake from the second Harry Potter film
5. My daughter and I
6. I drew Jesus lol a lot of time without practice sorry